Being Taiwan's Japan study platform and leadership, Taiwan Society of Japan Study (TSJS), established in 2009 and led by former President Dr. Bih-jaw Lin and the Board, has built deep cooperative and reciprocal relations with Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association (formerly Japan's Interchange Association), Japanese universities, think tanks, and academics. Elected as the President of TSJS by 2014, Dr. Wen-cheng Lin, Director of NSYSU Center for Japanese Studies, continues to initiate the missions of TSJS upon the groundwork built by Dr. Bih-jaw Lin, including the conferences Taiwan-Japan Strategic Dialogue and Cross-Strait Japan Study Forum.


The new mission of TSJS includes the publication of the bimonthly electronic newsletter TSJS Newsletter (first issue published in June 2016) and quarterly scholarly journal Japan and Asia-Pacific Studies Quarterly, JaQ (first issue in January 2017), and maintenance of TSJS website. The purpose is to broaden the role of TSJS as the academic platform, and to accumulate the researches of Japan study communities. Please support the vision and mission of our ideal and help promote Taiwan's Japan study!


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