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Japan and Asia-Pacific Studies Quarterly, JaQ (日本與亞太研究季刊) is a scholarly publication, aiming to deepen social sciences discourses on Japan and Asia-Pacific international relations, defense, diplomacy, politics, economy, society, etc. We welcome papers contributing to both theoretical and policy implication, or to empirical studies with practical, real-time, and foresight values. JaQ is published quarterly (every January, April, July, and October). The first issue will be in January 2017.

JaQ is a multidisciplinary publication, comprising commentaries on current affairs and academic journal articles. In each issue, we invite two commentaries by scholars and researchers to share insights about compelling events in Japan and Asia-Pacific. Each issue includes four academic journal articles. We encourage submissions following the format and written in Mandarin (traditional) with common Taiwan academic languages. We reserve the right to return or to require revision for those submitted with discrepancy. We will compensate the authors for submission at the rate of NTD 1.0 per characters until the maximum NTD 15,000 for each journal article, and max. NTD 5,000 for each commentary. Authors will also receive 5 copies of current issue and 3 reprints.

All authors agree that JaQ publishes the submitted papers, and all authors agree to assign the copyright to JaQ. JaQ controls reproduction and distribution of the papers. However, authors retain the rights to reuse the published submission for authors' own scholarship publication, teaching, or other individual and non-profit purposes. Please send the submission to Japanquarterly@gmail.com. The editor department will make response in one week upon receiving submission.

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