As Taiwan-Japan relations and Japan studies have become increasingly important, Taiwan’s prominent scholars have founded the Taiwan Society of Japan Studies (TSJS) in 2009. The TSJS was created in order to promote the research covering issues such as: Japan’s politics, diplomacy, economics, society, and culture, as well as to encourage and nurture the younger researchers in Taiwan specializing in Japan studies.


The initial meeting of TSJS was held on Jan. 9th 2010, and the establishment ceremony on Mar. 4th 2010. The TSJS has been set up in the National Chengchi University in the Center for Modern Japan Studies, as the platform to integrate the collaboration of Japan studies throughout Taiwan’s universities.


The TSJS has continued to assist the establishment of other Japan study centers in Taiwan’s universities as the platforms of the academic exchange between Taiwan and Japan, as well as to deepen the mutual understanding between Japan and Taiwan. The Center for Japan Studies was founded in National Chung Hsing University on Jun. 13th, 2010, and co-established with National Taichung University of Science and Technology in the Middle of the Taiwan Japan Study Alliance. The Center for Japanese Studies in National Sun Yat-sen University was founded on Jun. 21st, 2010, and is the only Japan study center in Southern Taiwan.


The TSJS aims to hold regular conferences and academic activities regarding the issues such as: Japan’s politics, economics, diplomacy, security, society, etc, and also to promote Japan studies in Taiwan with the platforms of communication and cooperation with other Japan studies scholars and researchers.

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